Done! Post mortem for Depth

I’ll start off by saying that even though my feelings towards the game are mixed, overall I am satisfied with it, and think it turned out well. I’m also happy with my team, we’ve had some friction, but I feel we managed to work with it, also there is a lot of talent in group […]

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Playtesting in our game

My own playtesting First off, I wanna talk about the playtesting I do on my own while programming. Unity gives some good tools and functionality when testing, mainly the console(for debugging) and the ability to adjust variables while running the game in the inspector. This makes it way easier to balance certain features, and also […]

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Cheeky Checkpoints

This week I’ll be talking about the cause of my headache last week and the waste of many hours, checkpoints. They’re not entirely the cause though, it’s more because of stubbornness, tunnel vision and probably some idiocy. Where the problems started In our game you’re progressing through a level left to right, and as the […]

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Scrum – Yay or nay?

Scrum? I’ll try and be quick with this. Scrum is a work framework that emphasizes iterative development and being agile. It’s made for small teams, but can be scaled up. Development is divided into sprints, in our case these last one week, but should preferably be a bit longer, two weeks is apparently common. At […]

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Orbiting Fishies

So last post I talked about the big fishy, so in this post I’m gonna cover the smaller, but just as important fishy, I think it’s been dubbed cave fish(y). Since I’m the programmer I won’t be talking so much about the look, but more about the movement and “AI”. Smashing! An Early choice I […]

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Spooky Fishy

In Depth you play as a submarine trying to make your way through an underwater cave while being chased by a spooky fish (left one). As this spooky fish is kinda an important part of the game I thought it would make a good first post. The Chasing The creature fish thing is pretty big […]

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